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The  Annotated Dictionary of Fore-edge Painting Artists & Binders. The Fore-edge Paintings of Miss C. B. Currie; with a Catalogue Raisonné was issued in 25 preliminary deluxe copies, which included special leather bindings, gold edges and of couse fore-edge paintings. Here are some of those paintings:





To SEE ALL the IMAGES in better quality and size, as well as to learn more them, including the five above, please order the Portfolio of 25 Fore-edge Paintings:

Book Cover

WEBER, Jeff. Portfolio of 25 Fore-edge Paintings. Los Angeles: Jeff Weber Rare Books, 2012. Oblong 4to. [26] pp. Color illustrations throughout. Black cloth, pictorial dust-jacket. NEW.   $75

LIMITED EDITION of 50 copies. Essentially this is a supplement to the author’s 2010 book on fore-edge painting artists and binders,
Annotated Dictionary of Fore-edge Painting Artists & Binders. The Fore-edge Paintings of Miss C. B. Currie; with a Catalogue Raisonné, which was issued in 1,000 copies. 25 of these were special deluxe edition copies with paintings by three different artists. The three artists who contributed to the edition were Margaret Allport (Costa), Clare Brooksbank, and Martin Frost. These are the finest fore-edge artists in the world today and they have painted some remarkable scenes for the deluxe issue of Weber’s book. This portfolio reproduces the 25 paintings commissioned, in number order. Each artist was asked to paint something special and/or something relating to fore-edge paintings. The surface of the new book was large enough to allow for any scene to be painted. On one scene Frost painted a mirrored reflection of himself. On another scene Allport painted a scene of children climbing up a ladder to enter into a book-world, shelved as a library book, but in fact a fantasy world of imagination. She also painted an extraordinary scene of imps and elves coming into her world as an artist painting a fore-edge, buy she had fallen asleep and while dreaming they were making a mess of her paints and brushes! Brooksbank showed her extraordinary talent to paint Pre-Raphaelite scenes that were both romantic and inspirational, each taken from paintings. She also painted three erotic scenes, the author’s favorite being a scene of two Japanese lovers, fully clothed, lying beside each other, his hand directly up her kimono, and her hand outstretched holding a book that is fanned and showing a fore-edge painting! This portfolio celebrates the art made today by some highly talented artists.

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